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Reminders: Custom snooze option for Android

why just 15 min, 1 hour, 3 hours? Let the user to set it manually.

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    Anonymous shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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    • D commented  · 

      Es una opción que echo en falta mucho.

    • Anonymous commented  · 

      Yes I agree user should decide on default snooze times

    • Anonymous commented  · 

      We all have to set our tasks to a customer time because we all have different work schedules, the reason I'm switching over to a new app is the hassle of not being able to change these defaults. Such a simple but extremely critical fix that hasn't been addressed

    • Christiann Hudtwalcker commented  · 

      There should be a possibility to set when the reminder should appear again after you snooze it from the notification panel. You could set it out for 5 min later, 30 min later, 1 hour later for example

    • serknor commented  · 

      I moved to ticktick because it has this feature

    • Shauli Shamay commented  · 

      I need 5 min Snooz
      10 min
      1 hour
      And so

    • Shauli Shamay commented  · 

      Snoozing you have to give us the option to Snooz for 5/10/20/30 minutes
      On ios

    • Kevin commented  · 

      I wish I can customize remind default time.

    • serknor commented  · 

      Totally. For snooze and for Moment.

    • Kirito commented  · 

      For example: I go to work every day but do not go on Sunday and I do not want that on Sunday it was this reminder

    • AndrewC commented  · 

      This is my biggest complaint. If I have a reminder to start laundry set for 6:00pm, and I then snooze that reminder, it gives sets the reminder for 10:00am the next day. Since this is a task I have to do at home, being reminded about it at 10:00 when I'm at work is stupid. And on top of that, my only simple options are to postpone the reminder for 15min, 1hr, or 3 hours. So I might have to hit that postpone 3 hours button 3 times during the course of a day.

      Of course I can go back and edit the reminders, but the great thing about is how quickly you can review and change reminder times throughout the day. I end spending 5 minutes every morning changing my reminders for small errands or at home tasks I didn't complete from 10:00am to 7pm. Its really getting old. I would pay for this feature.

    • Mity commented  · 

      Yes, please bring the custom time!

    • Anonymous commented  · 

      It's really annoying to be bothered by many notfications poping out altogether at 10AM everyday !!

    • John commented  · 

      When a task comes up, I would like to be able to delay the task by hours not days. I.e. picking up groceries on the way home from work the same day.

    • Yair commented  · 

      When snoozing to tomorrow, just ask what time and don't default to 10am!!!!!
      (or fix the ' moment', or both!)

      I feel the pain of all the commenters before me, this is an island of extremely bad user experience in an otherwise helpful app
      (especially since 'moment' doesn't allow for the setting of new reminder times for tasks that already have one so we can't even change that 10am nuisance when using 'moment', everything has to be foolishly manual)

    • Rick commented  · 

      I find the snooze options pretty insufficient. Let the user customize snoozes. I'd like a "in 10 hours" option.

      Also, some newer options to snooze until a specific date/time would be handy. For instance, I'd like:

      - "Next X", where X is the next occurrence of a day of week and time. This would be handy for those items that, once Sunday evening has rolled around and I didn't get to, I'd like to be reminded the following Friday night or maybe Saturday morning.

      - This evening (say, 6pm), for those times when I want to revisit a to do item after work. (Note that this could work as a case of the "next x" snooze, above. In this case, "next X" means "next 6pm"

    • Anonymous commented  · 

      Some tasks are specific to weekend. When these tasks pop up during weekday, it requires manual seeing of snooze time to weekend. In snooze options for 'Later', kindly also include Weekend (along with other options like 2 days, next week, etc). This should snooze the task to the start of weekend (ie: Saturday). Thanks.

    • Anonymous commented  · 

      Perhaps with a 'snooze until this evening' (6pm?) option available on sliding across. And with a snooze all until tomorrow or weekend option for each list and for all for when things like unexpected funerals come up or you have to clear the day or week to work on something urgent.

    • Anonymous commented  · 

      It might be nice to have a few more choices on sliding but the custom option is there now, no?

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