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Integration: Full integration with Google Now/ Assistant/ Home

When adding a task by voice through Google now/assistant ( currently available) and hopefully soon Google Home, I would love took be able to say "Do laundry on Sunday" and have it add that task to the upcoming Sunday.

For example, if I currently do that, creates a task "Do laundry on Sunday" to TODAY's task list.

I would like to have it add "Do laundry" with the date set as ( the upcoming ) Sunday.

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    • Christine O'Grady commented  · 

      This would be fantastic! I have held off upgrading, but integration with Google Home would seal the deal for me. Maybe after Wear OS (which seems to be in development) integration, this can be next.

    • Kimberley commented  · 

      That is my wish as well. It has to be compatible with Google Home for me to even consider it. I have both Alexa and Google Home, but Google is with me everywhere where Alexa is not.

    • Martin Peters commented  · 

      Please pretty please can you add Google assistant? I am a loyal premium subscriber and sing the praises of the ANYDO app to everyone I know. But Google home assistant would just make the most awesome personal organiser app ever. Id pay 100 bucks for that feature a year!

    • Katie Nobriga commented  · 

      Please integrate with Google Assistant!

    • David commented  · 

      I'm using Google Assistant because it 'understands' more of what's said to it wherever I am. I'd like to be able to pass instant reminders to using GA instead with Alexa.

    • Derek commented  · 

      Absolutely agree. I'm telling Google while I drive to "Remind me to..." so I can keep my eyes on the road. But its reminder method is not close to as good as what I love about!

    • Anonymous commented  · 

      Yes yes yes! I need this now. :)

    • Anonymous commented  · 

      The only thing I can do by voice with this app is open it with Android assistant. Let us make this the default reminder app. Tell that to Google.

    • Bryan commented  · 

      Can you add the ability to link the Google Home shopping list to

    • William Rice commented  · 

      Amen! Google Assistant/Home integration! (Existing Prime user:

    • orlando_b commented  · 

      "Hey Google, remind me to feed the turtle when I get home"
      "Hey Google, remind me to put my food in the fridge when I get to work".

      Using google assistant on my phone to set reminders would be a life changer.

    • Anonymous commented  · 

      I love the Alexa integration, however, I have to use Google Now on my phone. Until I can say "Alexa" to my phone, how can I get Google Now to sync with Any.Do. The FIRST company I can find that will let me sync both will get my business...yes, even my paid business.

    • RH commented  · 

      Ditto to all

    • VG commented  · 

      Google Assistant integration

    • Spiro commented  · 

      Yes we need Google home assistant integration. This would be awesome.

    • Stacey commented  · 

      I would love to see this integrated with Google Home. Thank you!

    • Anonymous commented  · 

      In "What is my Day" on Google Home/ Android Assistance I want to listen to the Tasks from instead of reminders from Google Calendar

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