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It would be great if I could search through my tasks using a word or two to locate specific tasks to update them, make notes, or even delete them. Thanks!

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    Ariella Mollen shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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    • Badette commented  · 

      Please include a search button. It is a very important function. Thank you.

    • Mark commented  · 

      After all of these years, I'm quite surprised that I only just realized how beneficial a general search bar would be for all of the obvious reasons.

    • Svetlana commented  · 

      For your App Searching for tasks is very necessary))

    • Badette commented  · 

      Search option would really be great and a monthly calendar shown on the screen to easily see events and tasks. Thank you.

    • sina commented  · 

      Please set a find buttom for finding a task in busy lists.

    • Anonymous commented  · 

      Filter tasks by key words that already exist like (pay,take, get, meet)

    • Anonymous commented  · 

      Please provide the word search option. If i want to search a task I wont have to scroll down if I have word search option. Thanks a lot

    • MaryT commented  · 

      It would be great to add the search feature for tasks, also, to be able to add task with hashtags for specific topics and better search in general.

    • Eric commented  · 

      Please add a search feature...This would save time thanks

    • Anonymous commented  · 

      I didnt succeed to make a search to names or specific words in my tasks or in the app

    • Metin 2 commented  · 

      Hi, Please add the below features on android app.

      1- Search button to find the items.
      2- Week numbers on calendar witget.
      3- Sync button on witget.

    • My commented  · 

      Can you please add a search button for calendar and task tabs? When there are too many items, it is not easy to find them.

    • Shay commented  · 

      Search button..

    • Anonymous commented  · 

      Please have a search feature on the phone app. This allows for customized productivity hacks such as adding # or @ tags for each task, or inputting time and energy expenditure for each task. Then using the search feature, I can pull up my tasks grouped by time, energy, or tag put into the search. Great for GTD optimization!

    • Anonymous commented  · 

      מציע להוסיף חיפוש לפי שם לאפליקציה

    • Marcelo Sampaio commented  · 

      A search zone should be a good thing to find tasks in the whole ToDo list.

    • Chris commented  · 

      A search zone should be a good thing to find our different tasks when there are a lot

    • Team ('er, Any.DO) commented  · 

      Idea was translated to English in order to comply with our user guidelines!
      If you have anything more to add, you are welcome to add it to the comment section :)

    • Ádám commented  · 

      ability to search in the whole todo list

    • Daniel commented  · 

      I have difficulty finding tasks without the search button

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