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Tasks based on the "reminder" is arranged in every category. means each " reminder" or "time" is closer to be in the front row automatically.

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    Dia shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →
    Under Review  · Team ('er, Any.DO) responded  · 

    Hey Any.doers,

    This type of modification to the Date View will affect the entire logic of the app’s functionality – concerning the reordering of tasks and their automatic assignment to their due dates. Accordingly, we will not be able to execute such a request for the time being.

    However, what we can do (and will do, based on your feedback here) is add a time stamp of the Reminder’s time to both the Calendar and the Task Views – see images attached to the main idea.

    Will this be a good replacement?


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      • Anonymous commented  · 

        While you are at it, would you please also increase the font of the timestamp in the date view? The current small font strains the eye. Tnx.

      • Tim commented  · 

        I too believe this should be an added feature.

      • Steve Conn commented  · 

        Really need to take date/time due into consideration when displaying the order of tasks in all or most views. Maybe some people would want a button to turn this feature on or off, but a lot of us want a date/time based display feature. You have multiple feedback threads all saying similar things.

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        Why tasks occurring today and tomorrow be sorted by date and time? It make no sense that this isn't possible.

      • Jo commented  · 

        Chronological order of tasks by name would be nice!

      • Jo commented  · 

        I will probably not keep premium account if this doesn't get done by end of year.

        This is the only reason I still use your sister app Cal. That app does display the time for each task.

      • Unhappy Anydo'er commented  · 

        I decided not to renew my subs after about 4 years for this and some other design & features related matters. Started using T**kT**k and it addresses many of the frustrations i had with - my main concern with is that they ignore suggestions from there users.

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        Love AnyDo but uninstalling it today. Main reason being the fact that I cannot sort my tasks by due date/time in the upcoming section. I have a very large list of tasks and changes are made quite frequently. Also, the task descriptions are often the same so the only way to differentiate between them are to check when they are due.

        In the way they are sorted now it's near impossible to find the right task to edit unless I go through each task one by one and check the time and date on each. This is extremely unproductive and takes way more time than its worth. I can do this on paper in a quarter of the time.

        I cannot believe that this most basic of functions are still lacking in such a popular app.

      • Jo commented  · 



      • Anonymous commented  · 

        Time order is important, this temp fix is helpful, but not the answer

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        By default, the most recent tasks added to Today, Tomorrow, and Someday all appear at the top of the list. This shouldn't apply to Upcoming, because they do have dates and thus an order of precedence should be followed i.e. ascending.

        As for the potential problem with the ability to arrange tasks, either a.) respect the custom arrangement, b.) disable the function for the pertinent list only, or c.) only allow same-day tasks to be moved around each other and snap invalid entries back.

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        The tasks created should be allowed to be sorted in ascending or descending order of their reminders or occurence of the task.

      • Eduard commented  · 

        I suggest you add the due date for each task, and sort according to the due date, in ascending order (i.e. closer tasks first).

        I understand the main focus is in planning today's and tomorrow's tasks. However, maintaining and managing tasks in the Upcoming bucket is also important, and currently it is considerably hard, given all tasks past tomorrow are placed in the same bucket at the same level.

        This means that it is hard to differentiate between upcoming tasks (e.g. next week) from long dated tasks (e.g. next month or later). This are different types of tasks that should be treated differently. For example, if I wanted to promote a few tasks to today or tomorrow (e.g. because I have extra capacity), my first option would be to choose from the imminent tasks, and ignore the longer dated tasks.

        Also, by "throwing" all tasks into the same bucket, sometimes it makes you doubt whether I can really rely on to remind me of that important task I created for a couple of weeks time (did I forget to create it? Did I close it by mistake? Was there a synchronisation error?). If there was some sort of order in the upcoming bucket, I could very quickly and easily check that the task is indeed there, hence improving the user confidence on

        I believe that by adding the due date in the task list for upcoming tasks, and sorting by date, it will help manage and maintain the upcoming tasks better.

      • Jo commented  · 

        This is very fraustrating, they are not sorted by name nor by reminder time...
        How is it being sorted?

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        Have an option to sort tasks by when the reminders have been scheduled.

        My biggest frustration with is that I cannot sort my tasks by when I have set the reminder.

        Instead, it's in order that I've added the tasks - that's not productive and very frustrating! Please fix this!

      • Jo commented  · 



      • Eric commented  · 

        List all in chronological order

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        Yes, that's a good temporary replacement

      • Muzamil commented  · 

        this feature is required

      • Avraham David Gelbfish commented  · 

        I think the way it is now is great for beginners and non power-users. It would probably not be a good idea to switch the whole way the application works, and would be confusing to everyone. This view should only be enhanced with minor changes and upgrades. The current product is great and pretty clean (best feature), intuitive, and friendly out of the box.

        On the other hand, sometimes people need more ways of seeing and manipulating their information. At the same time, it's only worth it if the gain in productivity is worth more than the loss of time and effort setting it up.

        I propose a(n adaptable) multi-tiered solution organized from easy and accessible to beginner to available for advanced:

        When a user begins to use Any.DO...

        Tier 1: what you have now... plus really popular features that crop up

        When a user uses Any.DO for a bit, and wants to do a bit more with their data...

        Tier 2:
        From the settings menu, a more features section. It's for the less popular features and options.

        Examples are: API integrations, main view settings that most people don't need and would consider clutter, as well as, in this case, ability to use additional dashboards. An additional dashboard would basically be another way of arranging the data, with the option of manipulating any part of the data that is shown or accessible through the dashboard. Once someone enables an additional dashboard, it will be accessible from his landing page, and maybe configurable as his custom landing page.

        for the power user...
        Tier 3:
        from the more features section, an advanced options section. Deliberately double-menu-deep so that other users don't get bothered with it. It would be mainly for enabling features of the rest of the app that are hidden. one feature, even though it might not be visible to users of additional dashboards, can be the abiliity to create custom dashboards. another feature might be enabling and configuring keyboard shortcuts.

        That's the basic idea.

        Some additional things to consider if/after you implement something like that:
        - a settings search.
        - moving things from tier to tier (slowly and carefully) based on popularity.
        - suggesting features to people that are similar to other people who use them.

        Thanks for making a great product!

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