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It would be great if I could search through my tasks using a word or two to locate specific tasks to update them, make notes, or even delete them. Thanks!

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    Ariella Mollen shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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    • Joaquin Villanueva commented  · 

      Is search feature activated already? Having a hard time organizing my schedules.. Since it becomes redundant. Thanks

    • Geof Gratny commented  · 

      I need a search tool to find keywords in the titles, and notes.

    • Tony commented  · 

      Search facility would be great

    • Anonymous commented  · 

      I cannot believe you don't have this elemental function!!!!!

    • Anonymous commented  · 

      That can find key words or any word or part of the word

    • Diego commented  · 

      Heather, the search is "Planned"..... from April 16, 2015.
      You are invited for 2 years party.
      Forget is very nice but... no body is leading the development team?

    • Heather commented  · 

      It's great that the web interface has search, but it would be even more useful in the Android app! Is there any indication about how for out "planned" might be?

    • Savyasachi commented  · 

      Just get it done! Already!!

    • Ricky commented  · 

      I'm sorry I think this whole suggestion site is a big joke. There are old suggestions on here that have been in planning for over a year! I don't even think there's anybody from any do that looks at this. The app has advantages but it doesn't change much year after year and they don't bother to make important improvements.

    • Anonymous commented  · 

      Search is vital to find tasks - including in mobile app. Or deal breaker... sorry, too many tasks to manage without search capability

    • Diego commented  · 

      Nobody in read this. Nobody is working on this. I think a search is basic and easy to implement.... May be the team use only the web version for get organizer.... or may be use tick tick!

    • Anonymous commented  · 

      If you have many tasks it's hard to 'manually' find a specific task you added some time ago

    • Anonymous commented  · 

      Thanks for the TickTock suggestion. I am going to give it a try. This shows lack of support for product. Afraid 1 day they will be out of business leaving my platforms unsynched.

    • Yesi commented  · 

      Thanks for mentioning ticktock - I'm going to have to download it for this feature too

    • Anonymous commented  · 

      I cannot live without a search function. Sorry,, but we are breaking up.

    • Diego commented  · 

      I plan do the same.
      I think... maybe the development team are work in other project?
      Is a basic feature... year plus to implement? come on is not serious.
      Serknor: Migrate to TickTick was easy?
      Thank you.

    • serknor commented  · 

      I moved to ticktick because it has this feature

    • Nic commented  · 

      When is this due team? Its been planned for over a year.

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