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Product: Tags/ labels and color coding

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    Julia M. shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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    • Sean Lynch commented  · 

      I second this feature request. I personally like to keep a red > yellow > green scheme for not started > in progress > completed for those tasks that can take weeks to complete.

    • Anonymous commented  · 

      Please bring this feature that allows you to categorise task by changing it's colocolour, which one can know it just looking at list

    • Jakub commented  · 

      What do you think about that?

    • Jakub commented  · 

      Please, you can add a priority, like is in Todoist.
      I will happy,

    • Javier Eguiluz commented  · 

      For example, the task "repair door" needs a Carpenter and a painter. So we could have all painting jobs organised and easy to have a look. Then we could see easier all staff we need to complete the task. And, of course, the ability to navigate among projects and labels

    • Dano commented  · 

      How is this feature enabled?

    • Alex commented  · 

      Let change the default color for each lists, that way you can easily identify which task belongs to each list, by the color (widget also)

    • Anonymous commented  · 

      it needs ability to add multiple tags to tasks to enable context lists. This is available in ticktick and workflowy

    • Jesse commented  · 

      For each of the different categories that come with or are created in the app, a color code should be able to be assigned to it. That way when tasks are displayed on the widget it's easily identifiable and able to be prioritized accordingly.

    • Scott commented  · 

      Tagging - I like the Theme Support, though it'd be awesome to create "Tag Categories" / "Tags" with custom names and list assignments.

    • Alan commented  · 

      Add the Reminder's time next to or below the Reminder in Time View and List view.
      Display reminders in order of Due Time and Date
      Change the colour of a Reminder that is past the due time or date to red so that it stands out.
      Notification: via email or App:
      - Tasks for the day
      - Tasks past their due date & time
      - Tasks completed yesterday
      - Tasks for tomorrow
      Let's call it something like Digest - one should be able to activate and deactivate this feature.
      Option to have "Past Due date or time" for Badge.
      Integrate with Google Tasks (and this way we can also get reminders for Google Keep) and Evernote reminders.

      Last note: Very nice app. Keeps getting better!

    • Nar commented  · 

      Also add green once the task is completed. Track the number of greens and some kind of efficiency score for the day/week etc.

    • Patrick commented  · 

      Totally agree with this request.

    • Salvador commented  · 

      Allow different colors for different due dates i.e. today=color 1, tomorrow=color 2, etc.

    • Anonymous commented  · 

      YES PLEASE need the ability to add custom labels to tasks

    • Sebastian Sadle commented  · 

      I desperately am looking for a to do list app that has the ability to truly track priority of each sub task and task. This would require 3 additional fields due date(calendar input), importance (1-10) and difficulty(1-10). The final output field is priority which should be a calculation ({importance}*{difficulty})/{days to due date} the score can then be translated to a word score i.e. -ve = "Overdue", >80 ="very High", 60-80="High" and 30-60= "medium", 0-30 = low etc.

    • Winnie Lei commented  · 

      Being able to fill in location reminders or assignee with suggestions is very important for business users where efficiency is crucial. Dragging and choosing takes it away. Please fix

    • Arun commented  · 

      Love the calendar integration and simplicity! Hate the lack of integration, lack of windows app.

      I hope team is listening :S

    • Z Taalib Bey commented  · 

      I would Luv to be able to prioritize the list, with sub levels (e.g. 1-1, 1-2, 1-3, 2-1, 2-2, 3-1 etc). And sort by priority. Tasks with no priority will automatically go alphabetically below the priorities. And multiple tasks with the same priority level will also be alphabetical. Thank you.

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